Saturday, May 31, 2008

Uma Sanjivini Residency

This apartment complex (ground+3 floors) from Uma Maheswari Constructions is the 1st venture from this builder in Bangalore. This apt has all the pluses of good ventilation, no common walls between one apartment and the other, inside from the buzzling traffic (0.5km from puttenahalli main rd/Brigade Millennium entrance arch), well planned parking, visitor parking, etc. Problems do exist as with other apt complexes :( - the approach road is so bad that residents dread to walk/drive a 2-wheeler , when it rains. in couple of apts, rain water seeps thru the window sills, corridors bear the brunt of rain water, some residents in the top most floor do complain of water leak thru the slab (has the builder looked into the quality?).
If the 1st project got delayed (completion of 48 apts took 1.5 yrs), folks looking to buy a flat in the next project "Uma Sree Dreams World" consisting 144 apts on Hosur Rd from the same builder should think and look at the quality of work that has gone in into Uma Sanjivini Residency.


Rajesh CR said...

Can somebody shared their exp. abt this builder? How you rate this builder? Are this guys reliable ?

madhu kiran said...
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madhu kiran said...

i booked a flat in their second venture UMA MAHESWARI DREAM WORLD in bangalore. Compared to other builders their cost is resonable but they are delaying the project completion.

max said...

How is the construction quality of UMC Dream World ? I heard that UMC is making some delays in their completion.
Any water issues so far ?

Sameer said...

Guys! Do not buy flats from ‘Uma Maheswari Constructions’.

I am one of the victims in their second project ‘Uma Shree Dream World’. In fact I bought a flat in Dream World after reading the main article. How foolish!! UMC people said some bogus person has written this article, instead they delivered the project before time, and I believed!

As mentioned in the main article that in ‘Uma Sanjivini Residency’ completion of 48 apartments got delayed by 1.5 years. Presently, Dream World project (144 apartments) is already delayed by more than a year and there is no chance of getting it ready by next 6 months. I guess this project would be delayed by 2.0 years.

How they steal money from you – They would make your flat ready almost 80% without any other work in the campus (including lift, car parking, path way, water, electricity, plumbing, etc) and would take 80% of your loan.

Generally people buy flats around 6 months before completion date (because they promise to deliver the project before time). So let’s calculate the loss we face -

(If you are paying an EMI of 40,000 INR)

For ‘Uma Sanjivini Residency’ - >
[18 Months (delayed) + 6 Months (before we buy) ] * 40,000 = 9,60,000 (Nine Lakhs Sixty Thousand ) !!!

‘Uma Shree Dream World’ ->
[24 Months (delayed) + 6 Months (before we buy) ] * 40,000 = 12,00,000 (Twelve Lakhs ) !!! My God!!!

Future buyers of UMC, please contact Dream World flat owners at common floor ( for more information before buying a flat in UMC. You can also find us at

I am not disclosing my real identity because I don’t want to become a victim again. Hope you understand.

If you love to be a victim please buy a flat in their next venture. They keep talking about the quality, but there is no quality. I would request my fellow neighbors to write their version of story. Presently, Dream World association is planning to file a case in consumer court against the builder. I will surely update you if this happens . . .


Ashok said...

It seems many ppl go for a property without legal verification. Those who have booked in Uma Sree Dream World, have you done a legal verification with all the necessary docs? I was quite impressed with the location and the plan of this project and booked one 1 yr back. Fortunately went for a legal verification and found they dont have their papers clear. Tried with 2 lawyers, both didnt give a positive opinion. Then I cancelled the booking with a cancellation charge. How come you ppl have bought without this basic verification? I can see the project in the same state for the past 2 years and for sure the project will not be completed in another 2 yrs. Please dont rush to buy property.

Joshua Louis said...

CMD of UMC is cheater !!