Saturday, May 31, 2008

Uma Sanjivini Residency

This apartment complex (ground+3 floors) from Uma Maheswari Constructions is the 1st venture from this builder in Bangalore. This apt has all the pluses of good ventilation, no common walls between one apartment and the other, inside from the buzzling traffic (0.5km from puttenahalli main rd/Brigade Millennium entrance arch), well planned parking, visitor parking, etc. Problems do exist as with other apt complexes :( - the approach road is so bad that residents dread to walk/drive a 2-wheeler , when it rains. in couple of apts, rain water seeps thru the window sills, corridors bear the brunt of rain water, some residents in the top most floor do complain of water leak thru the slab (has the builder looked into the quality?).
If the 1st project got delayed (completion of 48 apts took 1.5 yrs), folks looking to buy a flat in the next project "Uma Sree Dreams World" consisting 144 apts on Hosur Rd from the same builder should think and look at the quality of work that has gone in into Uma Sanjivini Residency.